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SEO Copywriting Services

Grow your business the smart way, with SEO consultancy services that are guaranteed to improve your overall business generation performance. Perfect for start-ups, established business and smart CEO’s.

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Technical SEO

Fix technical issues and optimise the SEO on your website to help rank on the first page of the major search engines.

Organic SEO

Grow your website traffic and increase quality traffic to your website, with my organic SEO services.

SEO Content

Boost your websites visibility and overall SEO performance, and add valuable content to your website.

Why choose The SEO Consultant?

I Offer Professional SEO Copywriting Services.

SEO content writing is an integral part of a successful digital marketing strategy. SEO content is written to drive organic website traffic from various search engines, increasing brand visibility and boosting revenue potential. This makes SEO content writing a sound investment for any business. 

The SEO Consultant understands SEO content writing and has the skills necessary to craft SEO-driven copy that will effectively increase visibility and reach new customers. 

With proven success in SEO content writing, The SEO Consultant is the perfect partner for any growing business looking to take advantage of SEO and other digital marketing services for their long-term success.

Why is SEO Copywriting Important?

SEO copywriting is essential for businesses or individuals looking to set their content apart and succeed in the digital arena. SEO copywriting enables your content to have a greater reach and stand out from the crowd through selected keywords, phrases, and tone of voice. 

SEO copywriting does this by boosting SEO rankings, so companies can be found more easily online and reach a desired target audience. 

SEO copywriting contributes to increased authority, credibility, visibility and ultimately turns customers into evangelists for your brand. S

EO Copywriting helps optimise SEO efforts, ensuring maximum returns with minimal cost, making it an invaluable asset to any successful business strategy.

“Kris was a joy to work with and I have been extremely pleased with the results he has got me. Nothing was too much trouble, he took his time to understand our business and prepare solutions to improve our performance online. I would highly recommend Kris from my experience, his knowledge was very impressive and the work he did for us was great value for money.”
James Taylor
Director, Super-Stars

What Industries Do We Write Content For?

The SEO Consultant specialises in SEO copywriting, creating content specifically tailored to drive traffic by increasing search engine visibility and demonstrating authority. 

Experienced in crafting SEO-friendly web page copy, blog articles and press releases, the SEO Consultant has worked with clients across various industries, including health care, finance, automotive and retail. 

The SEO Consultant’s services have been instrumental in helping businesses organically increase their web traffic and rankings to levels far exceeding expectations. 

No matter the industry or project size, The SEO Consultant’s team of experienced writers will work diligently to create dynamic SEO-focused content that reaches and engages your target audience.

Our SEO Content Writing Packages

Introductory SEO Writing Package

The Introductory SEO Writing Package is perfect for those who are just getting started with SEO writing. It includes a comprehensive audit of your website or blog, 3 pieces of SEO writing that are optimized for search engines, and guidance on how to use SEO best practices to optimize your content.


Comprehensive SEO Writing Package

The Comprehensive SEO Writing Package is designed for businesses that want to take their SEO efforts further. This package includes a comprehensive audit of your website or blog, 5 pieces of SEO writing tailored to target keywords, website optimisation tweaks to ensure the best possible ranking in search engines, and assistance with link building for additional traffic.


Premium SEO Writing Package

The Premium SEO Writing Package builds on the Comprehensive package by offering more robust support for keyword optimization and link building. It includes 10 pieces of optimized SEO writing, website optimization tweaks, and link building services to increase traffic.


Expert SEO Writing Package

The Expert SEO Writing Package is ideal for businesses that truly want to maximize the effectiveness of their online presence. This package includes unlimited pieces of optimized SEO writing, website optimization and link building services, as well as monthly reporting so you can track your progress in search engine rankings over time.



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