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Grow your business the smart way, with SEO consultancy services that are guaranteed to improve your overall business generation performance. Perfect for start-ups, established business and smart CEO’s.

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Technical SEO

Fix technical issues and optimise the SEO on your website to help rank on the first page of the major search engines.

Organic SEO

Grow your website traffic and increase quality traffic to your website, with my organic SEO services.

SEO Content

Boost your websites visibility and overall SEO performance, and add valuable content to your website.

Why choose The SEO Consultant?

I Offer Expert Shopify SEO Consultancy.

I have been involved in SEO for the best part of 10 years. In that time I have seen many algorithmic changes, however the fundamentals remain the same. Having a solid blueprint for SEO is the difference between success and failure. My team and I have worked in a range of industries and have used our SEO blueprint to help businesses improve their overall organic presence online. 

I live and breathe SEO. My team and I can implement agile SEO strategies into your own marketing processes in order to aid valuable growth. I work with local businesses and SME’s to improve their search engine rankings, in tandem future proofing their businesses. 

What is Shopify SEO?

Shopify SEO is one of the most important marketing strategies for any e-commerce business using the Shopify platform. It ensures that your website can be found and accessed by potential customers, and enhances the websites visibility to search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Shopify SEO involves optimising your website content, technical setup, and structure to make it easier for search engines like Google and Bing to find and index a given page. This makes sure that potential customers who are looking for products or services that you offer can easily reach your website from SERPs. 

If done correctly, Shopify SEO can bring more targeted visitors and customers to your website. This, in turn, will help you increase your online sales and build a successful e-commerce business.

It is essential to make sure that all the on-site elements like title tags, headings, meta descriptions, content structure and image alt text are optimised correctly for better search engine visibility. Furthermore,  the technical setup of your Shopify store needs to be optimised for SEO purposes. This includes making sure that the robots.txt and sitemap files are in place, and the URL structure is user friendly so that search engines can crawl your store properly.


“Kris was a joy to work with and I have been extremely pleased with the results he has got me. Nothing was too much trouble, he took his time to understand our business and prepare solutions to improve our performance online. I would highly recommend Kris from my experience, his knowledge was very impressive and the work he did for us was great value for money.”
James Taylor
Director, Super-Stars

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Should you hire a Shopify SEO consultant?

An expert Shopify SEO consultant can help e-commerce website owners to maximise the potential of their online presence. By creating a comprehensive SEO strategy, they can ensure that search engines are ranking the website’s content accurately. This will result in better visibility for the website and more customers visiting it. An expert SEO consultant can also provide guidance on optimising content for shop fronts, troubleshooting any errors with URLs, and refining page tags and titles for better results.

With an experienced Shopify SEO specialist, businesses can experience higher traffic to their website and increased revenue. This  is because a well-implemented SEO strategy can lead to higher rankings, more organic website visits, and better visibility of content on search engine results. Furthermore, an expert Shopify SEO consultant will also be able to provide advice on optimising images for mobile devices and creating effective landing pages. With the right assistance from a qualified professional, businesses can  gain a real competitive edge in the online space. 

In addition to helping businesses achieve higher rankings and better visibility, an experienced Shopify SEO consultant can help with other essential components of digital marketing such as link building and content promotion. By leveraging off-site resources like social media, blogs, forums and press releases, a qualified Shopify SEO consultant can help business owners get their messages out to the world. Furthermore, an effective off-site strategy can help drive more meaningful and targeted traffic to a business website, leading to higher conversion rates and better returns on investment. 

By employing a Shopify SEO expert such as The SEO Consultant, businesses will be able to reap the rewards of improved search engine rankings and increased visibility of  their website. 

In addition, an SEO consultant can provide important insights on their client’s online competitors and devise strategies to ensure that their business stands out in the crowded digital landscape. Through careful research and analysis, The SEO Consultant will be able to identify the best keywords to target in order to drive the most qualified traffic to a business website.



How long will it take to rank a Shopify store?

Using an expert Shopify expert like myself, you can get the most out of your Shopify store. I offer an array of services including website audit and optimization, keyword research, content marketing, link building, and more. My experience as a Shopify expert enables me to identify opportunities for improving your site’s visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs).

In terms of timeframes for seeing results , I typically recommend that clients begin to see improvement within the first six months of working with me. Of course, this timeline depends on the complexity of your store’s SEO strategy. My team and I will work relentlessly to ensure you’re getting the best results from our efforts as quickly as possible. 

Brand new Shopify websites will take longer to see results as it takes time to build trust and authority with search engines. However, once the initial SEO work is undertaken, progress should become apparent fairly quickly. Long tail keywords provide a great opportunity for Shopify stores to gain quick traction in the SERPs. 

For Shopify websites that are already established, the time it takes to rank a website will depend on the age of the domain, current standing in Google, and competition. My team and I will help you determine a timeline that works best for your store’s goals once we understand what needs to be done. 

Regardless of where you’re starting from, we’ll ensure that your Shopify website is well-optimised to stand out

We are also able to provide a comprehensive package of SEO services from keyword research and content creation, to technical on-page optimisation, link building and more. We’ll be able to tailor our approach according to your business goals and budget.


Shopify SEO Consultant